The beautiful Yorba Linda Lakebed…worth preserving!


A great place to stretch your legs.


Beautiful views from on top of the access road


It rained A LOT that year!


Enough water in the Lakebed to go kayaking!


Lakeview Senior Living to begin public comment period
More Lakeview Senior Living Information

  • The ETCO property at Lakeview Avenue and Mariposa (Lakebed side) is now in the comment period for the newly revised Lakeview Senior Living.
  • Originally ETCO proposed apartments that were denied by the City Council. ETCO listened to neighbor concerns and are now presenting Lakeview Senior Living. Lakeview Senior Living is an age-restricted senior living facility with 82 Independent Living units, 76 Assisted Living beds, and 82 Memory Care beds.
  • Four two-story buildings, three buildings WITH basements (basement level mostly visible from the interior of project).
  • This facility will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with 60 to 94 employees, with a maximum of 34 employees per shift.

Let's figure this out together. We encourage ALL citizens to get involved in some way. Let's respect the property owners' rights to build something, but let's work together to keep it within the character of Yorba Linda.

Get the facts. Look through our constantly updated list of resources to better understand our State and Local laws and the proposed high density building in Yorba Linda.
Take a look through the timeline of Yorba Linda and its position of potentially building 159 apartments on the Lakebed property and more on other locations.
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Please join us as we try to unify as one voice to be heard by our elected City Council. We\’ll keep you posted on upcoming events. We’d love your help and input.

Our Concerns

High Density

Too much high density housing proposed for Yorba Linda.


Five of the proposed projects dump onto Lakeview Avenue. Somehow the EIR stated that would cause no impact.


Some of the proposed projects are 4 stories high! There are no other 4 story apartments in Yorba Linda.

Fast Tracked EIR's

All of these projects fall under the umbrella of the general EIR for the entire 2008-14 Housing Element. The EIR is already approved and any specific neighborhood concerns will fall under an addendum to the general EIR that does not have the same reporting guidelines as regular EIR.

Lack of Affordable Housing

We were sold on the need for Measures H & I by saying we HAD to have more affordable housing in Yorba Linda as demanded by the state. Very few affordable housing units are part of the proposed plans.

Changed RHNA Numbers

Our Regional Housing Needs Assessment numbers changed prior to submitting the 2014-21 Housing Element to the State. We missed an opportunity to down-zone, even if it meant bringing it back before the voters.

Oil Wells

The Lakebed property has 4 working oil wells and 2 capped oil wells. We are hoping that with a full site-specific EIR we can be assured of public and resident safety. Some of the pipes and wells in the area were drilled over 100 years ago.